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Meet 77 benefits of coconut oil and try it yourself:

1. In the kitchen, you can heat it to high temperatures without losing its properties (unlike olive oil and other oils) is ideal for baking, frying or as a replacement for butter.

2. It is an energy supplement you can consume daily.

3. As coffee creamer (if you want to reduce your consumption of coffee, you can add this to the one you take in the day)

4. As skin lotion

5. As a home deodorant, because its smell is very pleasant: use it in bars for the bathroom or kitchen.

6. Women love this: as a natural eye makeup remover

7. As oil for baby skin cures diaper chafing.

8. To whiten your teeth, you can use daily and replace the baking soda.

9. For skin blemishes that appear with age, rub it directly on the skin

10. To prevent stretch marks during pregnancy or weight changes

11. Benefits to the proper functioning of the thyroid

12. In the kitchen again: as a dressing for salads

13. Its use increases skin tolerance to sunlight and prevents burns

14. like sunscreen: SPF 4

15. For seborrheic dermatitis in babies, just massage coconut oil on the head, leave on for a few minutes and rinse gently with a warm towel.

16. Attacks fungal infections

17. As a body oil for a tropical massage

18. Its high content of lauric acid which boosts the metabolism to burn calories

19. To prevent frizz in your hair, rub it in your hands and then your hair

20. Prepare coconut oil facial night cream, moisturizes your skin

21. Mix with sugar and use it in the shower as a natural exfoliant

22. Use it to moisturize your lips and prevent broken lips

23. You can use it on the skin to heal faster from injury or infection

24. As a natural conditioner for dry hair put a shower cap and leave for 2 hours.

25. Use it against athlete’s foot or fungal

26. To soothe sore nipples after feeding babies.

27. Studies have shown that regular consumption of coconut oil can help prevent or reverse Alzheimer’s disease.

28. As a natural remedy for lice.

29. Improves the energy intake of children with coconut oil

30. On the inside of the nose to relieve the symptoms of allergies

31. For pregnant women, are encouraged to take 3-4 tablespoons of coconut oil to increase milk production and nutrients (Vitamin D)

32. Studies prove that coconut oil improves digestion and can even eliminate intestinal parasites.

33. For natural energy: Mix one scoop with chia seeds (do not take it at night)

34. Improves insulin levels

35. Improves gum health: mix coconut oil with a drop of oil of oregano

36. Improves cholesterol levels

37. Mix one tablespoon of hot tea to speed recovery from colds or flu.

38. As a natural insect repellent, use it as a lotion

39. As a replacement for any vegetable oil in any recipe.

40. Helps reduce the appearance of varicose veins

41. If you have a sunburn, you can use it to calm IRRITATION

42. It is a natural source of energy, its consumption is not stored as fat

43. As a natural lubricant that does not disturb the vaginal flora

44. as antibacterial cream

45. As for shaving cream and aftershave lotion

46. If you use it regularly in the legs, supported by a good massage, you can reduce the appearance of cellulite

47. Reduces itching of mosquito bites

48. Reduces acne when consumed regularly

49. Stimulates hair growth, rubbing it every day on the scalp

50. Use it in the ears of children to speed the healing of ear infections

51. Mix with salt to remove dry skin of the feet

52. Accelerates weight loss when consumed daily

53. Improves sleep when taken every day

54. Accelerates the healing of fungi when consumed and applied externally

55. One tablespoon melted in a cup of hot tea soothes a sore throat

56. Soothes itching from chickenpox

57. It is proven to increase the absorption of calcium and magnesium

58. Studies state that beneficial fats from coconut oil help reduce depression and anxiety

59. Beneficial fats from coconut oil are recommended for people with autism

60. One tablespoon before each meal helps improve digestion

61. One tablespoon hot ginger tea to soothe stomach upset and nausea

62. A baby lotion all natural

63. In the hands after washing dishes to avoid dry skin

64. Mix with rosemary or mint natural oils as a natural insect repellent

65. use it as an anti-ageing face cream

66. Use as concentrated coconut cream for a tasty snack

67. Prepare delicious desserts without the guilt of calories

68. Its consumption and external use accelerates recovery of urinary tract infections

69. When taken regularly increased hormone production

70. Use topically relieves the pain of haemorrhoids

71. Stimulates nail growth

72. Rub it on elbows and knees to soften dry scaly skin

73. Add it to your smoothies as a nutritional supplement

74. It is recommended during pregnancy to help provide necessary fats for the baby’s development.

75. Relieves cold sores naturally

76. The Daily SWALLOWED coconut oil can relieve the symptoms of allergies

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