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From ages, the human population of cold regions, including America and Europe and some other countries trying to find out some natural things, which are common in hot regions including Asia. That is the colour of the skin. People lived in cold regions naturally have white skin tone as compared to those living in warm areas. This fact is quite interesting that people with fairer complexion, try different things to make it darker for their satisfaction. People in cold regions love warm weather and shining sunshine. They love to have sun tanned skin and darker skin tone, which people in the warm region not even care about because they have it naturally. As the skin tanned is very demanding among people, therefore an effective skin tanned, the oil will also be in great a demand. Coconut oil for tanning not only tanned the skin but, also make it healthy, silky, shiny and attractive.

Coconut oil – use it to get tan

It is not compulsory to use pure coconut oil for tanning your skin. You can use it with the blend of some other essentials including herbs, essential oils, oil of sesame, butter and perfumes.

Coconut oil also works as a protector and moisturizer which can condition your skin. Laurie acid, which is an important fatty acid, is present in coconut oil at a moderate level. It helps to moisturize your skin. But its sun protection factor, is quite limited, which enhance its tanning abilities. It is good to use it with some sunscreens to protect your skin from UVA rays. It has medicinal properties and nutritive effects.

When you purchase coconut oil from a store, you may find it with different labels including Virgin, partially refined and refined. Virgin oil is white and clear solid or partially solid. It is edible. Partially hydrogenated oils are also available in solid or liquid forms. But unlike pure coconut oil, they are bleached. All three types are good for you, but only the virgin coconut oil is free from chemicals.

How to apply coconut oil on the skin?

Melt the solid oil to liquid form by submerging it in hot water, then put some oil on your palm and apply it gently on your body. If you want to add a scent, then you can add a few drops of any scented oil in it.

Before the application of oil, take showers and use a loofah brush to remove the dead skin cells. It will leave your skin to tan more evenly and equally. After taking a shower, put a few drops of oil on your hand and mix an equal amount of sunscreen in it and mix well. Start with your feet, then ankles and legs. Continue the entire procedure until you apply it on your whole body. Let these two things get absorbed into your skin for five minutes before starting tanning.

Benefits of using coconut oil for tanning

When you are going to choose, tanning products, it is more beneficial for you to choose to tan through coconut oil. It is one of the best tanning substances which are available today. If you want a small tanning effect on your skin, then you can apply it on your skin without going into direct exposure to sunlight. But still, it works for tanning looks if you are careful about your direct exposure to ultraviolet rays of sunlight.

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