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Spider veins treatment 

Spider veins are medically known as ”telangiectasias, and they can grow almost anywhere in the body. It is very important you understand that your health is as important as your life therefore , you should have a wide knowledge about what spider veins are and how they can be treated medically.

There are so many things or factors that results to spider veins and they are heredity , pregnancy , and anyother medical activity thjat cause hormonal disorder or shifts. Spider veins comes in different shapes and forms that looks like a branch and some do look circular. Spider veins are also caused by chemotherapy , trauma to the skin during operation , sudden change of the environment condition such as cold and and sun exposure.

Spider veins can be treated by sclerotherapy and it is by far the best medical treatment for Spider vein conditions. this  treatment comes in a form of an injection  and it is injected into the  affected area and a response comes in form of a foam. immediately after it is injected, the sclerosant foam will begin to come out from the lungs and in some case travel to to the patent foramen of the brain. It is by far one of the best treatment i have ever seen

Other Spider Veins Treatments

Spider veins are also known as spider angioma that looks like varicose veins but smaller. It is the unwanted blood vessels that appears blue, red or purplish veins that are visible in skin.  And it can be seen sometimes in the face area known as facial veins, on the cheeks, along the forehead and across the nose.  Appearance of spider veins specially on the legs makes some insecure and not comfortable in wearing skirts or shorts.  And that drives them to look for the spider veins treatment to totally get rid of it regardless where it can be seen. With the use of modern technologies, it is easier to be removed through laser removal procedure.

Researchers and Dermatologists developed a new kind of lasers that can painlessly and quickly remove the vessels with just a short period of time. Taking supplements that contains antioxidants like hesperidin and diosim to improve blood circulation can also help in solving the problem.

Spider veins on  legs

Tiny dilated capillaries that appear on your legs, thighs and face are called spider veins or venulectasias. They can be blue or red in colour and can come in connected or unconnected lines just beneath the skin. Apart from being ugly and painful spider veins can also cause problems like vein inflammation, blood clots and bleeding under the surface of the skin. They can also throb, burn, itch or cause the feet and ankles to swell. The pain can get worse from standing for long periods of time. Below are some of the best natural cures for spider veins. Since women are more likely to get spider veins it is important not to try any of these treatments if you are pregnant or breast feeding without first talking to your doctor.

Butcher’s broom for spider veins: It is known to strengthen and constrict the veins. The recommended dose is 300 milligrams thrice a day.

  • Grapeseed extract: Try grapeseed extract to improve circulation. The dosage is 50 milligrams thrice a day.
  • Hawthorn: Taking 200 milligrams of hawthorn extract thrice a day is known to be very helpful in treating spider veins.
  • Witch hazel: Apply distilled witch hazel extract with a cotton pad to soothe spider veins and strengthen the blood vessels.
  • Gotu kola: If your feet swell in addition to the spider veins, taking Gotu kola extract, 200 milligrams thrice a day will prove to be very effective.
  • Supplements: There are also supplements you can take such as vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B-complex, bioflavonoids, beta-carotene and essential fatty acids. Talk to your doctor to find out what dosage is best for you.

Spider veins on the face

Spider veins on the face have become quite common nowadays as more and more people are being affected by it. It causes embarrassment to the people because they leave ugly marks on their face. Most people confuse spider veins with varicose veins though both of them are different. Varicose veins bulge on the skin and are larger while spider veins do not bulge and are small in size. They also do not cause pain and discomfort to people.

Even though spider veins on the face do not cause any harm and they are not medically concerning but still people choose to get them removed as they look ugly. Sclerotherapy or laser treatment is effective in treating spider veins. In sclerotherapy, a chemical is injected that causes the veins to collapse and fades them away. This treatment takes time to show results but is effective and less expensive than laser treatments. In laser therapy, usually the marks shrink and disappear in a single session but it costs more and may leave scars lasting up to two weeks after the laser treatment session.

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